Using location:             45.230429N, 7.647827W
Date:                       27 Sep 2021 
Generated at:                0:01 
Day length:                 11:54 hours
With civil twilight         12:50 hours
With nautical twilight      13:58 hours
With astronomical twilight  15:08 hours
Length of twilight:  civil   0:27 hours
                  nautical   1:02 hours
              astronomical   1:37 hours
Current specified time zone: CEST (2 from UTC) 
Sun transits meridian 1421 CEST
                   Sun rises 0825 CEST, sets 2016 CEST
       Civil twilight starts 0756 CEST, ends 2046 CEST
    Nautical twilight starts 0721 CEST, ends 2120 CEST
Astronomical twilight starts 0646 CEST, ends 2155 CEST

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